PreSales Talks: Planes, Trains and Automobiles - and what to do in a Remote meeting world?

Today's Presales Talks discussion on Clubhouse focused on some issues of business travel in the past, and looking forward, how do we get better at remote meetings? 

Customer meetings

• Will future customer meetings be face to face?

• Late stage vs early stage sessions

• Will customers want to be in their offices for the meeting.

• Sending big groups to the meeting

• Getting to know the reps and additional team members well

• Big company "bus" kinds of groups

• Small company lonely travel - lone person on site.

• Experience trips and events in future - more likely to be exciting for people to join than visiting a corporate office.

Whiteboarding remote

• Whiteboarding diagrams

• Technical drawing

• Whiteboard one of his walls

• Point a separate webcam directly at the whiteboard.

• Handheld whiteboard. $6 at Target.

• What about collaborative whiteboards

• iPads, tablets etc.

• VR for selling?

• Contacts

• Scribble (whiteboarding app)

• "Ugliest picture that sold a deal" award?

• Doing something different

Streaming software


• Prezi

○ Virtual camera.

• Get away from Zoom fatigue and Death by powerpoint

• Set expectations upfront.

• Whiteboarding that transcends platform.

• Miro - with apple pencil or other drawing tools.

• Pioneering new presentation methods.

Sending slides ahead

Materials to send ahead