Presales Tools - Presales Talks on Clubhouse - Part 2 - Presales Tools

Another great turnout this week on the Clubhouse Presales Talks call - seems like this will be a weekly conversation for the foreseeable future. 

If you want to join in, and have an iPhone (android coming soon) then get the app at and look out for a session on Friday around Midday CT / 6pm GMT called Presales Talks by Presales Collective.

This week we went through a lot of experiences with different tooling for presales & how we work with sales.

Demo tools

  • Navattic
  • Platform to build & share interactive demos
  • POC, trial, etc, or use an interactive demo for your champion.
  • Reprise - data capabilities, 
  • Demostack


  • Loopio
  • Licensed by active projects
  • Infosec docs
  • Full time people owning/running the system


  • Evals started
  • Presales sales process
  • Lifecycle.


  • Coaching consulting
  • Get away from slides
  • Prezi - coming back!
  • Miro - a similar tool for documents and showing architecture

Story slab

  • Supplement sales team at trade shows
  • Asset repository. 
  • Walk people through material as a rich presentation.


  • Knowing how to effectively deploy it.
  • Link value to relevant Case study
  • DecisionLink
  • Think about the case studies you use.

Where is the budget coming from?

  • What are presales paying for.
  • Finding cost inefficiencies
  • Relate to revenue produced by Sales engineers
All products mentioned are in italics. We don't endorse any tools but of course are all very interested in tools made for presales.

Very interested in what you want to discuss next week!