PreSales Talks Europe, Middle East and North Africa: Digital Tactics & Demo Tips

Another great meeting for the Presales Collective club! We now have 150+ members and are running 2 calls a week, and you can join whenever you want.

Today's main topic was Digital Tactics, and we talked a bit on a few related areas including hiring remotely, practicing your demos, cultural awareness & dealing with bias, and discovery for Presales

Digital Tactics

• Getting creative in hiring process

○ Applicants perspective

○ Be flexible and give applicants more time to understand what is happening

○ Preparing for presenting back in the interview

○ Don't show the company’s product back to them - it's a trap!

○ Show LinkedIn or Slack or things that are open and accessible.

• PSC Demo day

• Demo training

○ Great Demo

○ Demo2Win

○ Practice structure

○ Reinforcements

○ Weekly practice

○ What content to put in

• How can managers do enough coaching

○ How they deliver their demo

○ Do they say the right things?

○ Work together on content first

○ Can be a challenge making huge improvements in one go

○ Focus on 1 or 2 things at a time

• Cultural awareness

○ Current events: Shootings in Atlanta

○ Handling how others perceive you in meetings

○ Working with prejudice 

○ From your own company, and from customers

○ Women feel this too

○ Have allies in your team, work with colleagues to help make sure you can signal you have something to say

• Sometimes we focus too much on our demo and not how people are receiving it

○ Get people to engage 

○ Don't just assume they get it

○ Silence doesn't mean acceptance or approval.

• Discovery- targeting on your audience

○ How do you do good discovery these days?

○ Tools?

○ Do you schedule separate discovery and demo sessions?

○ Multiple separate discovery meetings can be overkill

○ Can have SC join some earlier sessions, or review call recordings/notes

○ Why do we do discovery?  Getting to know people, qualify the opportunity better, etc

○ Why not send a form?

○ Consensus kind of form/video 

○ If you are there to do a demo, don't disappoint them! You can make it a light demo, and then use that to develop further

○ Use your discovery questions to gain engagement.

○ Good discovery leads to focused demos, shorter sales cycles, and more wins.

○ "Never stop asking questions"

○ Get the customer to ask questions

○ Help them lose their fear.

• Types of demos

○ Proof demo - later on show that it is the best

○ Discovery demo - higher level, discover topics of most focus

• Remote demos

○ Can be easier to team 

○ Bring in experts for portions of the meeting/demo

○ Ask questions via chat.

Next week

• Next steps after a demo

○ Who else to include (Architects, Services, POV)

• Win/loss analysis