PreSales Talks: Good Demo Follow-up

A variety of topics today, starting with how to beat a "good enough" solution, and on to the main, of Good Demo Follow-Up actions.

Good discussion with lots of opportunity for follow up today!  Join next week on Thursday April 1.
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How to beat a incumbent "Good enough" solution

• 10x rule - how to be ten times more impactful than the status quo

• More Philosophy than a number

• Beating an in house solution

• Framing the better solution

Good follow up

• Starts with good preparation

• What does success look like to them

• Go into a meeting trying to create a particular outcome

• Stump the chump question

○ "I'll have to get back to you"

○ Make sure you answer the customer's questions

• Love the sceptics - they are the people who really are the ones to work with

• If you can turn a sceptic into a champion, you win.

• Recognize traps when you hear/see them.

• Get the champion to present the findings.

• Borrowing credibility

• Get someone else to introduce you

• Some of the best demos are done by customers

• Good potential hires from the customer base

Professional services

• Get into reality

• SME based feedback on how it will work for that customer

• Stage 4 - trigger to get them involved

• Easy retro

○ People in the meeting get to say what they really like

○ What they didn't

○ Any open questions

What are we looking at as next steps?

• Call to Action

• Demo

• Follow up with the different key people.

PSC Global Demo competition

Getting into the next actions part of the demo

• How much time do you need at the end

• Stop showing stuff!

• Give them a choice on what the last topic is?

• Spend time at the end scheduling follow up.

• Close the demo system, show back to people's faces/slide

• Ask them how they feel about the challenge

• Schedule a focused follow up.

• What about a TRIAL?

Proof of concept charter (Next week's Topic) 

• Set objectives

• Scope

• Timeframe

• Actions

• Success criteria

Give customers a good way to do some of the demo themselves

• Gives them a better way of getting value out of the full demo