PreSales Talks: What makes a great discovery call

 Big shoutout to Samuel for setting up this topic and leading the discussion! Great job!!! 

What makes a discovery call great?

• Go in with an open mind

• Not just about qualification, but uncovering customer needs

• Research - 

○ who are you talking to?

○ News items

○ Account exec - what are they doing?

• Preparation

• Once you are on the call?

• Technical conversation - what do you want to learn?

• Use discovery to determine how ready the client is for your kind of solution.

• SPIN - know what you can about their situation, don't appear to be lazy.

• Don't make your questions an interrogation

• Use context and stories to open up and capture their interest

Using forms to get the information outside of the meeting?

• Context is important

• Customers don't want it to be too generic

What types of questions are there

• Open ended questions (WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE HOW)

• Have you looked into this problem before

• Be careful with WHY questions

• Tell us about your current state

• Don't overfocus on the one issue.  They might feel other problems are bigger.

• What would be the impact if you could solve this issue?

• Finding out what metrics are relevant to the problem?

Immature discovery stops too early

• Don't stop if you find out your preferred problem in that customer.

How do you do discovery calls with people who aren't influencers or decision makers

• Part of good discovery is finding out the organization's key players and who you need to work with to solve the issue.

• Get to know them, and start mapping out the organization

• Work out who the key players are

• Learn about values & their culture.

• Metrics can also be linked to people & their goals

• Who would benefit if we improve this metric.

What are your options following a good discovery call?

• Move ahead in sales stage

• Qualify out?

• What is the next step?

○ Demo


○ Offer?

○ Follow up on their questions

• Qualifying out is a good thing - it saves you effort on suboptimal deals

• Better to get out early, rather than waste all of your effort.

How do you walk away in the right way?

• Put them on the marketing list

• Record what is preventing them from being a customer now.  What would make them an opportunity.

• Tell your product team about any gaps.

• Farmers - people who sell to existing customer base.

• Partners- don't want to let them down with their opportunities.  Education opportunity & helping them better recognise deals.

Find out how they will buy

• Infosec

• Future steps

• Influencing them

• Motivational interviewing

Inception & Presales!