A browser made for demos? A quick look at DemoStory.io

A quick interview with Chris Colburn, one of the founders of DemoStory.io, a new technology aimed at presales for demos. If you use presales tools, fill in the survey!

Greg: What is Demostory? 

Chris: Demostory is a Browser made for demos.  It lets you switch Persona roles clearly show a demo from multiple tabs with different users and session details, and also save your favourite demos so you can quickly start them at the right point.

Greg: What makes it special?

Chris: Firstly you colour code your tabs, so it is clear which user persona is doing what. Each tab is a separate session, so you can interact with your data and product from multiple angles. This let's you demonstrate multi-users very quickly and easily.

To get started make a shortcut of each page and user that you want to use. You can save a shortcut with login details for a particular demo (a whole set of tabs) and it uses google password manager to save credentials

Greg: Why not just use my regular browser?

Chris: Demostory shows a clean browser to demo with. No bookmarks, extensions or other distractions that your customer might fixate on. It is a dedicated browser for demos, that makes it quick and easy to get right to your demo and show people just what you want to

Greg: What else should we expect to see in the future?

Chris: We're looking to add SSO integration, support for chrome extensions, Mobile windows so you can demonstrate for mobile devices.

Greg: what about a Demo visual roadmap? (e.g. from Demo2Win)

Chris: Sounds like an interesting feature - that way SEs wouldn't have to show any slides at all and run through their demo from the browser on its own.

Extra details: 

$150/year per user.

You can sign up for a free trial with no credit card or obligation, just an email address. 

It works on Windows or Mac.


(Disclosure: No personal incentive for this article. I am trialing the tool myself and finding it useful. I may follow up with more based on my experiences)