Presales Talks: Top 10 ways to have better demo data

Today's presales talks was all about good demo data and how to build demos that are good storytelling devices for your customer's needs
    1. Anonymize real data that passes security checks
      2. Choose examples that appeal to customers
        3. Have versatile data sets that let you tell multiple different stories
          4. Reference the data in your script so you always know what you want to land on.
            5. Don't say "Demo data"
              6. Don't have things on the screen that look fake or wrong.
                7. Have the right currency, localization usage & people's names in the data.  
                  8. Don't show your favorite features just because it "demo's well", make it relevant to the customer
                    9. Have a set of data that is the right quantity or magnitude.
                      10. Avoid big POVs by tailoring your demo with customer examples or dataset

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