PSC Presales talks: Takeaways from Demofest!

Today's presales talks went through with a big group takeaways from Demofest.  Here are my basic notes, but thanks for the strong participation and comments - even if you didn't attend the conference!

My immediate feedback on the event

Adam Freeman's talk - different playbooks depending on deal sizes.

• By segment

• Low touch & high touch.

• Be ready to do more for the bigger customers.

• Demo automation & spending the right time

Blurred lines session - Guro Mccrea

  • Using the seven habits and how they apply to presales.

John Care's Trusted Advisor Sales Engineer

• Enjoyed it

• Good book to read and understand.

Final Panel - Presales/Sales relationship

• How to work well together with your sales rep?

• 2 panellists had worked closely together before

• Reporting lines

Where should presales report into

• Not local sales?

• People do what they are rewarded for (or what their boss is)

• Way you demo is different from production

• Services leaders?  Use cases and stories come from a more consultative discussion.

• Need to work for a strong presales leader who cares about making sure people are rewarded for fulfilling objectives 

• Protection is an important part of being a presales leader.

• Recurring revenue is very important. 

Senior presales to senior customer success roles

• Promotion path for presales

Working with sales people

• Not subservient

• Product centric - raises the importance of presales in a deal

• Why do presales do "everything" in a meeting, or in a deal.

• AE shouldn't ask for something presales haven't prepared.

• Should learn how to do signaling.

Don Carmichael's talk "When did Presales suddenly Become Cool?"

• Atlassian - don't have sales reps, just presales

• So many cool resources

• Long ago there was just a couple of books

• Now there is PSC, Demofest, blogs, podcasts, clubhouse rooms

• Students now realise that it is a career option

• Business & tech world

• Implementation to presales

• Worklife balance, doing more interesting work.

Clodagh - Presales onboarding

• Very useful and usable information

• Give new hires achievable goals

• Demoing quickly

• Get input quickly

• Guardrails and support.

• Chart - show what to improve on and work on.

• Low percentage of people felt their onboarding was good.

• Depends on time & resources

• If one doesn't exist, build one.

• Amazon - does an awesome builder process.  

• 3 meetings - peer reviewed, within 3 months

1. Present first deck, sales + presales work.

○ Need to be ready to present and answer questions

○ Need to learn the competition too.

2. Deep dive session

a. Q&A 

b. Role play situation 

c. Draw an architecture for them

3. What you built based on #2

a. Do a demo.

• Week by week, learn the platform.

• Similar to the amazon process above.

• Focus on building

• Make your own, and share with the community.

• Gamify the onboarding.

• White belt, green belt, black belt.

• Onboarding internal moves vs external?  Should they do everything?

• Presales training vs Product /Solution training.

• What is the most effective pathway to demo.

James - Horizontal network

• Who can you reach out to

Next week's topic: What is the best way to demo?