Training for Presales

 What are the best training options for your presales team?

  • Domain knowledge
  • Demo training - e.g. Demo2Win, Great Demo, etc
  • Product knowledge
  • Tool training - e.g. Zoom, 
  • Sales methodology?
  • Soft skills?
Presales is a big job

There are lots of things you want to be good at, in order to succeed. Some of these areas are easily trainable, others might seem like you either have them or you don't.  I believe that actually you can get better at most presales skills, but like most things it takes deliberate practice and focus.

To plan what kind of training is good for you and your team, you need to assess what would help you the most right now. 

What skills are most highly leveraged for your team? 
What skills does the company rely on you the most to do? 
Where are you leaking revenue right now?

What opportunities do you have as a team? If you are getting together, then some skills are better for groups - exercises around sales skills, negotiation, empathy, listening and objection handling.

If you aren't getting together, maybe some remote presentation skills would be good. Maybe you can do a book club session where you read the same book and think about how it helps your team. 

Maybe you have a lot of new products that you need some focus time on so that you know them better, and are more ready to switch between different products and demos.

Training for presales is an activity that should never end, and should look at what offers the most benefit to your team at any time.