PreSales Talks: Getting Genuine Feedback

Sage advice:

"If you're ever about to give feedback, think first, are you saying this because you want to, or because they will benefit from it and need to hear it?  If the former, don't say it. "

 Sometimes it can be tough getting good feedback about your meetings and demos.  This week we discussed how to give and get better feedback

Not feedback

• AE - everything was great

• 2 things wrong with your demo, everything you said, and everything you did.

First learn how to give good feedback

• Good-bad-good (Shit sandwiches) are bad. Don't bury your feedback in between good stuff. This mixes the message and makes it less effective.

• Get consent to give feedback

• Try to not be offering an opinion, but something based on facts.

• It is about motivating them to change their behaviour

• Ask the recipient for their ideas first

• Measure the feedback to the individual. Give them something that they are ready to improve on.

• How to give feedback up to a higher level colleague.

• Show some empathy. Did you have this problem before?  Has someone given you some good feedback.

• Mistakes are ok.

Get feedback from customers

• Was there something you didn't show that they wanted?

• Was there something you did show that the didn't like or understand?

• Acknowledge, Validate, Respond

How to receive good feedback

• Acknowledge, Validate, Respond

• If someone is having a meltdown, that isn't a good way to respond.

• Tell them if you are ready to hear feedback - or schedule a time to do it

• Listen to the person. Hear everything they want to tell you. Squeeze out the last drop!

• I see what you did, here's why it's not working.

• Use recordings - ask people questions about things you want help with

• Ask people to join your session

• Not in the parking lot. Do it in a comfortable environment.