PSLC Leadership Symposium day one highlights

Had a good time listening to some sessions for the first ever PSLC Leadership Symposium. Highlights for me include the following: 

Manny Medina (Outreach)

Exciting to hear his thoughts on both the overall need for presales in an increasingly digitized and customer focused sales process.  He shared some inside experiences on opening up into Europe and how they've seen the market change as they've moved into it.

Sean Whiteley (

Exciting that in his organization that presales reports up to a co-founder, and are seen as absolutely vital to winning new business. I love how they focus on making that first session tailored to the customer and show the exact benefits and terminology that the customer wants to see.

VC guys (Matt Darrow - Vivun, Matt Murphy -Menlo ventures, Matt Garratt - Salesforce Ventures)

Rapid growth in presales tools for scaling up businesses like snowflake, zoom & atlassian

Timing getting dedicated products for presales.  "Presales are not SDRs!"

Nancy Nardin's presales landscape

How to build products specifically for presales. What kind of value different teams are getting from them.

PSLC Council "Mentoring"

Was great to be a part of this with Chris Brown to share mentoring experiences and launch the PSLC mentoring program.