PreSales Talks: Use Data-driven Metrics to build a stronger team

Presales Talks is a regular Clubhouse catchup of Presales Collective members. This time it was the Asia Pacific Japan & Europe/Middle East Africa catchup and we talked about presales metrics. In the end there is value for individuals, for managers and for building more career pathways for presales teams.  How do you use metrics for your presales work?

Why do it?

  • Show that presales are working on the right parts of the sales cycle according to your sales process/methodology
  • Answer to burnout and capacity issues
  • How much each activity helps the opportunity
  • Identify additional roles, like marketing evangelists, POV specialists, Bid Managers.

How to do it?

  • Take information from calendars 
  • Salesforce activity tracking
  • Use a dedicated tool (Vivun, Hub,, Preskale) (and use my presales tools survey)
  • Build something into your product to help track activities like demos and POVs.

What do we want to know?

  • How much does it cost to have 100K of revenue
  • Core work utilization & non-core work. 
  • Track what work is connected to revenue.
  • Track opportunity & activities around it.
  • What kinds of work is done. Are there ways to add positions to strengthen the most vital work or remove distractions?