10 things to do in presales in the summer slowdown!

Some of us might be feeling that there is less work to do in the summer period, as customers and colleagues alike take their vacations and get some well earned rest.

 While you are off, I would highly recommend switching off work mode as much as possible and let your team cover for you.

For the time you are working, there are some highly productive things I think you can do.  Here are 10 things I think everyone could be doing

  1. Fix your demo data - make sure it tells the stories you want
  2. Run the POVs but in a slower, more in parallel way
  3. Brush up on certifications and learning
  4. Publish Recorded Demos - make on demand content more accessible to your customers
  5. Learn 1 new skill that you didn't have before
  6. Write and publish articles - blogs, company site, community
  7. Practice your demos
  8. Attend some presales webinars - join the PSC, or other organizations that help you network and get better
  9. Catch up on correspondence, write back proactively to your contacts
  10. Reflect on lessons learned in the year so far, and do something to improve.

What summer projects do you have going?