Presales Talks: How to say No!

In presales we get used to saying Yes to a lot of things, from customers, colleagues, partners and more.  However sometimes the right answer or the best answer is to say No!  This week's presales talks went into the top things to say no to, and how to best do this while keeping your customer, and company's best interests at heart.

  • When do you say no to customers?
  • Saying no when you are too busy
  • Say no to deals/customers that you shouldn't try to support
  • Different kinds of No - 
    • not now
    • no not this quarter
    • no - not me, someone else will have to do it
  • Sometimes saying no to a customer is good because it shows that the answer is in your range. Product team keep telling me that we should try to say no at least once in every customer conversation.
  • Sometimes you have to say yes before you know how it will be done.
  • Qualified No - I would be able to do that if …  (e.g. if you paid for it, if you agree to something else)
  • Give your AEs the ability to do some of the easy jobs - things that can be overkill getting an SE on.
  • Does the thing people want you to do fit into your organization's charter for presales?