The Dark Side of Presales on #PresalesTalks

Today's topic was to explore the things that get us down as presales professionals. Presales is an exciting role, but some of these things happen and we wanted to explore how you can deal with them.


High Stress Environment

Presales is "free"

The AE relationship

Some customers - lack of respect

Women & Diversity


Lack of respect

Deal strategy - who owns it?

Lack of alignment to AE goals

Product weaknesses

Imposter syndrome

Proving yourself

The openness of the role

Awkward Silences


Often these situations represent opportunities to improve your skills, life and career

Remember it is just a job - you could move to a new role easily and quickly.

With the openness and "free" nature of presales work, you should set your rules of engagement and make it clear what work you do and how you prioritise your time.