Presales Talks: Interview questions for Presales

 This was a super engaging session!

Several areas that are good for followup.

One is the structure of a hiring process. How many interviews? what kinds of activities,?how do you navigate as a candidate?

Panel interviews/mock demos - how to show you're a good SE choice for them. Also, what kinds of things should you show? How do you prepare for it?

What questions candidates should ask?  The interview is a two-way process

What current questions and topics get asked?  What was your last presales interview like?

Current Trends in interviews

• More sales based questions about quota and achievement
• Why move into presales?
○ Answer: motivation. Want to guide customer on a solution and help solve their problem.
• What are you looking for in the organization?
• What do you want out of the role in X years?
• More presales questions about style

What is harder to assess?

• Technical or sales pieces

What questions you should ask in interviews

• Ask about the business and how the sales process works!
• Ask if they could change one thing about the organization?
• Ask to see a demo or something…

Mock demos? Panel Interviews?

• Demonstrate our product to us? Show ability to learn.
• Demonstrate anything you like to us?  Show your passion/knowledge
• Too much tasks - could weed out best candidates. They don't have the time to do all this crazy stuff.
• Learning and showing their solution quickly and demonstrate back to them


• HR / Screening
• Hiring Manager - about the role, and their suitability
• Sales - how well you fit into the sales team's needs.  Technical demo interview?
• Peer SEs - culture, how the team works.


• Is there a standard process for hiring SEs? (good blog article)
• Does the process vary depending on level & countries?

How to excel in a panel interview

• Make it into a role play.
• Consider each person's role
• How are you in front of a customer.
• Take time to answer each question
• Make sure you are interactive
• Make sure you are inclusive of everyone
• Have a structure.
• Use storytelling
• Be respectful to people's position

Recruiter view

• Trust credibility in the room