PreSales Talks: How to get started as a new Presales Leader

This week's topic was "What to do as a new presales leader" and we had some good points from current (and past) leaders, and also from very interested individual contributors.  Great work all round - let me know what you think!

What got you here won't get you there (read the book)

• Changing your relationship with your old team

What should you stop doing?

• Trying to please everyone

• Trying to work at 100% utilization

• Take more time to make decisions

• Spend some time on strategy, planning and decisions.

Into a new organization

• Don't pretend you know everything

Best managers

• Aren't necessarily having the same skills as the team members

• Are they meant to sub into the individual role.

• Aren't focused on their individual skills - it isn't about them anymore.

• Bring the best out of the individuals

• Find additional advocates for their needs.

Sales engineering Leadership

• Need passion for presales skills

• Help coach and enable the team members

• Be able to be customer facing 

What should you do in the first period of time

• Think about your customers (sales org)

• Think about your manager and what they want from you

• Make sure you get to know your team quickly and how they work.

Ways of thinking: Strategic, Operational, Individual

Helping individuals be successful

• What skill do you want to work on