Presales Talks: Presales Tools

 Thanks to Samuel West we have some excellent notes from last week's session on Presales Tools 

There's a presales tech stack emerging and just being built, from hardware such as headsets, cameras and presentation tools (whiteboards), to software such as demo tooling, demo building, presentation software and more.

We covered a few things such as demo-ing over the air, how to set your scene using a camera, tech you should get such as lightrings, webcams, microphones and other useful tech, but overall tech doesnt make you a better demoer, proper practice and skill does.

"Having all the tech won't make you a better demoer" or "A bad demo will always be a bad demo regardless of tech.

PreSales is now at the table with a firm grip on a seat there, the tech stack is being built in flight and we as professionals have the power to guide vendors to make better technology.

OBS was a big player, maybe some guides on this/more content in the future would be useful here.

Zoom annotations was a standout point, being able to annotate on the top of a screenshare is really useful and engaging. & demoflow were mentioned.

Vivun is being used and is considered decent by a few members. was mentioned too.

A lot of users requested a list of potential useful software in the tech stack to be listed so have a look at my list of Presales Tools