PreSales Talk: The Future of Presales

A few topics today on what we see in the future of presales. What is changing & how do we think it will evolve? 

What has changed most in presales?

• No longer about just being called in as the best technical person. It is about being a business savvy person who can show and match solutions to the customer problems
• Multiple roles in presales - value, demo, architecture, business and other focuses.

How do people see the industry evolving

• Generalists?
• Specialists?
• 1 product line or multiple?
• Industry focus or other?
• This can depend on the company!
• Acquisitions bring in new people who may have been generalists, as specialists in the new entity.
• Special Roles - like RFP, Selling Services
• What kind of evolution/career development do people want?

Shows Options in presales roles!

Specialism within different areas

• Cyber Security for example is too varied for people to know everything
• Specialists may be necessary and easier for onboarding.

Will meetings get back to face to face?

• We don't think so?
• Be more social media focused
• Be helpful and aware of the marketing need
• Virtual lunches?

What's new in presales that you are excited about
• Google has a developer advocate role