Presales Talks: Implementation Handover of Pre to Post sales & Notetaking

How are good handoffs done?  Should presales stay with the customer for the full lifecycle or hand to a purpose built team?   Second half-  focus on Notetaking. These and many similar points were discussed on the Presales Talks call with Samuel West taking notes. 

Handoff to Post Sales

SEs Support sales team with RFPs and SLAS as standard. Then attending Handover meeting and assists in handing over, sharing the problems, challenges and notes.

• Kick off calls

• weekly states call.

SEs have tried to be hands on. But can't do it alone, we need to work with our adoption engineers/customer success post sales team.

How do we make Customer success better, success doesn't like asking the same questions.

Handover is appreciated by CS. But Handover depends on the Industry. HR might be different to cyber sec

• When scoping begins, hand over starts early, encompassing stakeholders.

when is the customer involved? = from the start of discovery.

“Presales do discovery. Postsales shouldn't need to do discovery”

• Who owns the handover? -AE?CS? In most cases it's the AE, with the SE pushing.

2nd half of call, Note taking. product that some use

Allows templating, note taking. - has a tool to handover and take notes

Note taking can be done in multiple ways. Some SEs have personal notes that tell a lot of info and are designed to be read by the SE, they then use these notes to write the real CRM notes.

Note taking is a skill. Try to write decisions, problems, changes.

Some take notes directly into the CRM (brave! :joy:)

future topic: what you would change about being an SE, where do you see the future of SEing.