Presales Talks: What goes into a great Presales Resume or CV?

We had a great chat with presales collective members on our Presales Talks weekly session, hosted this week on Twitter Spaces.  

Topic was "resumes for applying for presales roles" and what goes into them. What do you put on your CV? How do you get to interviews?

What Goes onto your CV?

• Make sure you mention Presales (or sales engineering, solutions or whatever your target company calls it)

• Target Position: The role you want them to give you.  Make it clear what your asking for.  Make yourself look like a good fit.

• Make sure your CV is going to pass the software test.

• Have an alternative edition of your CV for the interviewing team.

• Run your own CV through an Application Tracking system

• Check out generic career advice -

• Skills that get/got you into presales

○ Convince senior leadership of new business needs

○ Customer facing skills

• Photos?

○ Can affect bias (both ways)

○ Look ready for the job

○ Should be a positive.

• Dress code is changing. Some presales people can wear tshirt to a meeting, others wear a full suit/tie or formal dress every time.  Think about the role you are applying for

• Will your customers see you as a trusted advisor?

• Case Study on a individual CV (see picture)

○ Look at your old titles, and see how they fit the story of what you want to do next

○ Talk about how your contributions delivered business value

○ Results of items, metrics, measures

○ Email addresses - don't use joke or overly personal addresses.