PreSales Talks: RFPs - should you bother answering at all?

A good session with lots of different views on RFPs. Some of my notes here - looking forward to next week's call as usual!  

If you use any tools to help you answer RFPs - please put a review into the Presales Tools Survey

First, what is a RFP - what do we mean?

• Request for Proposal

• ... Quotation

• … Tender

• … Information

• Infosec Questionnaire

Can be overly prescriptive

• Combine the best of multiple tools

• Don't rule yourself out until you know how you feel

Used to be a big thing

• Are they going out of style?

• Seem pretty big in public sector

• Some regions not common


Loopio, Avnio, RFPIO

• RFP response software

• 10-15 questions to 100s of questions

• Improve speed and ease of responding (lowering cost)

• Improving quality of responses

• A place to store and review qualified Infosec answers

Tracking results

• What product areas are you more successful for

• Would be great to get to the next level - knowing the success rate on individual questions.

Winrates & data

• CRM platform, data around activities and winrates?

• Datadriven conversations