PSLC Leadership Symposium day two highlights

Day two picked up where day one of Symposium left off, with the PSLC council members (and president, Naz) bringing in the new day with a session on Brand Building.

Nazneen Irani - kickoff for Day2
Marjorie Abdelkrime
Brand building

Make sure it is clear what you offer your audience (team, customers, company, etc) and think about the values this requires.

Excellent session with workshops to come that will help you build and develop your own brand.

Evolving consumer behaviors - why it matters 
Todd Olson - Pendo

Product led growth, where you use the product as the key way of interaction with customers & prospects.  The more time your customers are using your product the more likely they will like it, and purchase it. These techniques help you take a lot of guesswork out of acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones.

• Converting users into customers - track their actual usage and help them get what they want.

• More time using the trial indicates more engagement

• Leverage in app usage by your users to drive engagement and get them to buy.  

• Send them links in product to the right screen to do stuff.  

• Show back usage data to help drive engagement

How can you leverage your product to drive more sales?

The war for talent
Wendy McHenry (Pegasystems)
David Maloof GVP Salesforce

How to expand the talent pool? If you focus only on presales experience you'll struggle in the competitive market.

Open presales roles - 13938 NAM, 11367 EMEA, APJ 15780.  These numbers are just amazing and show just how big the presales world is.

Look for competencies rather than just experience

Curiosity, want to learn new things, business acumen, selling skills.

Where you fish matters!

If you keep going back to the same places, you start to run out of stocks

Use pronouns on your profile to show you care and are a good partner for diversity.

Make sure the panel & interview experience matches the diversity and company feel you want to create

If you're hiring a non-traditional candidates, don't bias the hiring process towards skills they haven't yet learned.

Selling is hard, buying is harder
Garin Hess

Situations where individual stakeholders can kill deals. Technology can help you get more access to all stakeholders

How to make buying easier for your customers

Lots of material at to download!

Overcome the risks your customers perceive and make sure the benefits outweigh any personal consequences.

PSC - on tour!  

So many new events, the tour of PSC founders Yuji and James, and plenty of chances to get value from being a PSLC member. 

There has never been a better time to be a presales leader!