Top 10 Social Media tips for Presales professionals

Before every meeting you go to, or when people receive your emails, they are reviewing who you are, whether they want to talk to you and what you might be able to offer them on social media. Having no social media presence is even worse, it's like making a cold call from an unlisted number.

A key way to influence people before you even meet them is from a strong and clear social media presence, and presales people can benefit from this too! 

Here are my top 10 tips for building a strong and effective social media brand as a Sales Engineer.

  1. Make original content that people will love (kids, pets, metaphors, anecdotes, photos)
  2. Build a brand that people will want to follow
  3. Consistency of topics - for me it is my company & products, cloud, agile, IT finance, presales, mentoring and diversity
  4. Range - don't just make everything one kind of content, e.g. jobs, product releases, features, etc. Have some to bring people in, some to sell, some to give people something to do.
  5. Be social!  Like other people's content, comment and share. When you do this, they'll look at your posts more as well.
  6. Use your voice - adapt sharable material with your own perspective. When resharing articles or posts from others or your company, say what you like about it.
  7. Create engagement. Ask people to comment on your topics - reciprocate
  8. Regularity - make your voice something people can hear from each day or every week.  Don't let your most recent post be from something you were doing 3 years ago.
  9. Make time for it.  I find that blocking out 10-15 minutes gets me better results than being random.
  10. Be genuine. Show people the real you.  They're more likely to connect and relate to you 

Have fun with it, and if you want to comment on one of my posts, go ahead!