Presales Talks: PSLC Executive Summit

Notes from the Clubhouse room about the PSLC Executive Summit!

(see also my notes on the Summit itself
Day Three 

Leading with Empathy

• Traffic cop example - 

Caller 1: Attended day 3

• Branding

• Todd Janzen - Scaling presales.

Brand - really exciting(Check video from Christine Stegmeyer

• Intimidating talking with people who have already written books about presales & leadership

• Personal branding

• Showing your intention and aspiration

• What are you known for

• What do people say about you?

• Do you create your brand or do you just let it happen by accident?


• Massive topic 

Slack chat 

• So active!

Higher for then & Future sales engineer

• Highlighted different elements

• Education level of buyers

• Insights into the day in the life of an SE.

• Making the time of the demo engineer more meaningful.

What if I don't want to be a manager?

• Individual contributor focus

• Don't be forced to be a manager, do it if you love it and care about the performance of others.

How does a manager work?

• Do they do a combination of both customer facing and management things.

• Some balance individual and teamwork with their role

• Need to put the team first ahead of the customers.

• Don't lose touch with what your team does for their customers.

• Virtual world makes it easier


• Two way benefit?

• Imposter syndrome - is it ok to reach out to them?

• Formal vs informal process.

• Value of internal/external mentors

• People you've worked with in the past.

What stuck with you?

• No harbour tours!

• How loud and exciting the Presales community is.

• Be willing to go down into "the hole" with your team member and feel what they feel