#PresalesTalks: How to Ace a Presales interview

Great topic this week. It seems people are always keen to share tips, and talk about how to best present themselves! We'll continue this next week on Twitter Spaces, be sure to sign up!

 What happens in Presales Interviews?

• Typical interview - with recruiter, internal/external, then to hiring manager, to a peer - another SC, someone in sales, technical presentation, final conversation with hiring manager

"Early stage, they need to convince you to be in the process too"

• In early stages, convince them you can do presales, that you are a potential fit

• Some recruiters can be harder to convince them you are a good fit.

• Ask them "What your goal for the session is?"

• Check the salary expectations.  See if they are a good fit for you.

Peer interviews

• These can be good tests - they do the job day to day

• You could reveal yourself by saying too much

• Cultural fit - are you a good match for the team

• Are they going to be a burden?  I want them to be a good individual as well.

• Can they help me?  Future mentor?

• If you don't connect with the peer, you could ask for another person to speak to?

• Try to make sure they like you!

"3 Cs - Clarify, Concise, Confirm"

• Don't be overconfident.

Is it a good sign if you go over time?

• Depends

• Some interviewers will end interviews once they decide someone is not a great candidate

• Ask for permission to go over?

Prep your Intro

• Be ready to tell people why you are a good fit for the role

• Be concise - do this in your 5 minute intro