Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being a Different SE

In my time I have met many different SEs all with different style, engagement manner and ability in front of the customer.  The important fact here is that there are key skills that are needed in dealing with customers. 
They include:

  • Honesty - tell the customer the truth
  • Promptness - always get back when you say you will
  • Sales focussed - goes without saying, but "keep your eyes on the prize"

One SE I have been in touch with lately is the self named WeirdSE. He records some very amusing 'webisodes' which would make great training material for any SE team. I have used them in some recent team gatherings with great effect! 
They are also available on YouTube:

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Services and Sales

I read this article solutionsellingblog: Solution Selling for Services, the Problem and the Solution. It looks at how the Services department of many IT vendors is in closest contact with the customers.

Is there a way of leveraging this to get more sales?  

The issue is, that Services people are generally not motivated towards selling in the same way that sales people are.  Even if we could motivate them the right way, would the act of selling change the nature of the relationship?

The solution is to use services as a source of leads, to be followed up within Sales, or by a sales orientated services manager.  This way, the services chaps work on the relationship, the sales guys work on closing, and everybody is happy.