Thursday, January 5, 2012

Raising your Industry Profile

Sales Engineers (and other outwardly focused Technical experts) can help their careers and stature in their own company by raising their industry profile.  What I mean by this is make sure that people in the industry respect your opinion and will come to you with questions regardless of the products & services you sell. Obviously this puts you into a privileged position with those people as long as you don't abuse this respect.

Speaking at Conferences
How to become a Industry Expert?

  • Speak at conferences
  • Write articles for independent industry sites
  • Go to user group meetings
  • Write a blog on the industry
  • Publish a book/manual
  • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/etc

How do you get to do the above things?  Really I don't believe anyone is stopping you.  Some of these might be hard as a first step - such as conferences or books or so forth.  Use the easier entry points to get known though, and your profile will be improved.

Be being the expert - it makes your opinion worth something. You become sought after, and more people will read your material.  It helps your current employer, but also may open up your career options later.

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SE Guy Highlights of 2011

2011 was a busy year, both out in the field and on the blog with 34 new posts.

My blogging highlights are: 

In Presenting the Product Roadmap I discussed how presenting the product roadmap can be a tricky kind of presentation - one that needs to consider your customer's current and future needs very carefully. 

Types of Sales Engineer Roles discusses the different hats & titles SEs may wear.  It is good reading for SEs who want to think about career direction and ways they can develop themselves and still be an SE

What is a Sales Engineer (SE)? Helps clarify the question of what an SE is and does

Free Sales Engineering Resources on the Web points you outward to some other quality sites on SEs

What is the ROI of Sales Engineers? looks at justification of spending money on SEs from a business perspective.  This is a tough topic and one we will revisit in 2012.  Businesses always need more justification when the position supports revenue generation rather than directly is responsible.  Lets look at more ways of measuring the benefit.

I managed to travel considerably - 4 continents in a year including trips to 4 new countries.  I supported an ever growing team of Sales professionals, and gained some valuable experience in new product areas and technologies.

I have been pretty busy also on Twitter and you can get regular blog updates by following @SalesEngGuy!

Here's to an even better 2012!